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Khi Nghệ Thuật Không Dành Cho Tất Cả

6 minute read

Khi nói về nghệ thuật chúng ta thường nghĩ tới những thứ dị biệt được tạo ra bởi những cá nhân có lối sống khác với phần lớn số đông, và mặc nhiên khi một th...

Clone All Projects From Gitlab

1 minute read

At my company, we haven’t applied the mono repository yet, so that I have to clone all the repos manually. The problem is there are hundreds of them, and I’m...

About Discipline

less than 1 minute read

When freedom is your enemy, discipline is your friend Nguyen Binh Nguyen

Across The Depression Phase In My Career

1 minute read

Last year, I got into the depression phase, where nothing is worse or better every day, I’m seeking for nothing except the night in the day and the day in th...

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How I Started Using Vim

5 minute read

I won’t talk on how to use Vim in this post, there are plenty of posts on the internet already talk about it, so I’m here talk about how I started using Vim...

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