Across The Depression Phase In My Career

1 minute read

Last year, I got into the depression phase, where nothing is worse or better every day, I’m seeking for nothing except the night in the day and the day in the night. I can’t find the better word to describe, but I think we all understand that. I asked some of my friends, and they also don’t know what advice to give cause some time they also fall into that. It may go someday, but life is short, we better to find a way to go thought it.

For whatever reason, we all can fall into this phase of career. My friends suggest me to find out and let him know how I’m getting through it. Right now, I’m not a hundred percent feeling fine, but I think these solutions may works for other people anyway. Here we go.

Go to bed soon, wake up early and do exercise.

Set your schedule to sleep, awake, and exercise at the same time every day, it may not directly solve the problem, but it helps to increase the happy hormones and decrease the stressing hormones. I’m not sure about the name, but you already know it exists according to your experience. You knew it so that let do it.

Write down your thought and your plan.

I bought a big whiteboard and some notebooks. The whiteboard for the plan and the goal and the journal for the diary, seriously, any log, from work, daily discussion, thought before bed, etc., I feel my hand touching the pen and realize my thought became real things, I can contact it, strikeout to forget, check to mark the achievement.

Talk to the people

Carefully choose the person to talk to, don’t talk to someone talkative, or busy, or embracing a big ambition, also stay away from a person who is checking on you, in general, don’t let them make you feel worse. Here came my friends, we help each other in this kind of situation.

Force yourself to work

To making a habit of working under any pressure, we are all adults, we should have the responsibility regardless of our feeling, right?

Then it all becomes the new habits. The good habit beats the bad habit, and we become a better person. Once we are the better person, we never go back.